Monday, November 1, 2010

i just found something

Did u know that u can order McDelivery online? (applicable at Indonesia only)

if u did, just pretend that u just know it from me, or else i'll feel like an idiot. I meant it, just pretend okay?

I just figured that out yesterday, it kinda cool i guess and something that worth to brag about, dont cha tink so?

It is cool if u wanna compare to what they have in menu. What u eat in Malaysia, dont u ever dream to get it here. Okay, i lie, maybe there is a few u can find here eventho they are the same franchise, which is McDonalds.

So, how did i discover this?

Well, at first, i was so gonna ordered Hoka Hoka Bento (?) which is weird, coz i never personally ate them before, just mencicipi Zahid's. I was ym-ing everyone just to get the delivery number, and immediately called after get it, but it turned out the delivery already closed. (which is so pissed me off, they said that they closed at 8.30 but it was 8.26 at the time i called) I still got 4 minutes okay.

Then, i decided to mogok makan that night (yesterday), as my credit also runs out. Zahid did offer to help me with the ordering, but i was so mad and in the mogok makan mood, so i said no.

Which was a big mistake, because a couple hours later, my stomach starts to grek gruk grek gruk. So not helping me with my mogok makan. I already felt ashamed to ask for Zahid's help again, so i just browsing through the internet and found this site.

Just click on it, then a pop-up window like this will appear

Choose ur city and nearest McD store

Its time to click whatever u want

Fills up the requirements / order form

And pay later.

p/s: am i just giving a tutorial on how to order mcd?



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