Sunday, November 7, 2010

chop off ur age with the hair

Cutting hair is a common things to do, and either u realized it or not, it not just changes ur style or enhance ur face, if u do it right, u can look much younger with a new fresh haircut. Or end up adding 10years to ur age. Be careful!

Being mistaken as a high school student (usually people thought i just finished my PMR, hahaha, okay, maybe i exaggerate a bit), i wonder what they gonna say with my new look. I do feel much younger now.


from 18...

to 15....hahahah...LOL

And not soo long before...

from ahjumma..opss, girly curly

to a edgy and fierce babe..


supikgf: =)


Najwa said...

eja, gmbr 15 years old tuu..sgt klakar..jgn2 wak cm2 lagi..hihihi =p

S.M.Fahmi said...

haha,lawak giler gamba 15 tahun tue.mcm anak SMP.

supikgf said...

wa: kelakar y good atau not good? hahaha

syed: da kata


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