Thursday, November 19, 2009


i was just wasting my time by clicking tru some webpage and then i found a article bout Celebrity's Mansion (its Christina Aguilera) *she's a Hollywood star sure she afford to have such a designed mansion* then there was a part she's showing off her shoes closet *it would be a size of two master bedroom at regular house* and im fall for it.

Its every girl's dream! *i dun know bout others, but me, YESSS* There's also link to another article 'Stars Show Off Their Shoes' and in flash i clicked on it and BANGGG *nose-bleed*

***according to Japanese's anime, nose bleed happens when someone get excited (totally uncontrol excited) for example when a boy saw a girl in a bikini (dun blame me for using such example, blame the comic's artist) haha its actually my own-making-up definition

Then i googled others Hollywood star which is famous for their passion in collecting shoes like me tho i only have less than 20 pairs of..errr less than 15 pairs of shoes, or is it less than 10? lalalala*ignoring myself*

Owh ya..i searched Mariah Carey, she have about 1000 pairs of shoes and she havent wear most of it *what a massive collection* Look at it by urself

Baby Phat designer, Kimora Lee Simmons who said 'Shoes are fabulous even they're not always comfortable. You just have to suffer for beauty, honey' Well, beauty is pain aite?

And here also the 'Genie In A Bottle' star, American Idol's judge (used to be) Paula Abdul and petite actress Eva Longoria LAND OF SHOES

im 100% agreed!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


anybody interested to join the AMAZING RACE?
just pick up u phone and dial 244 kamu kene lipat

no offense k? ive just felt like i was in Amazing Race try out with Aida today. It such an adventure. After class today, we decided to go to ITC Mangga Dua i hope i spell it right, i just really confuse either it ITC or ICT, well wuteva! and guess what? ok, im not going to spoil it yet. Then, we took a cab, a TransCab to be exact, the one which u can watch tv in it, and we only have approximately 40,000 rupiah in our pockets. Sounds like a lot of money rite? Believe me its not that much when the currency is RUPIAH! Neither of us ever went to ITC Mangga Dua, so we just berbijak2 and then we realized the meter had passed the 34,000 minus 6000 for the toll and we havent there yet, we were in the middle of the highway! All we can do was just praying that there will be an ATM machine or a BankNiaga bank nearly the place that we heading to. Lucky for us the mall is exactly located beside the BankNiaga. Fuhhh..what a relieved! That was the first time ever im in cab without enough money and hopefully it will be the last. I might not be lucky as today the next time.

After we got what we want thats also a very sad story and as a friend i wont write it here as the sign of respect and eating, ape lagi, balik la kn? This time we took the local bus if u were in perak the bus just like the red&yellow busses owhh i totally hate them! in order to BERHEMAT or JIMAT. What can worst than lost in the middle of Jakarta? Yess, u hear me, we almost LOST! The bus used the unsual route which we dont know and we just stopped at nowhere and tried to find our way back home. Alhamdulillah, we finally found TA and from it we took bajaj to our beloved home at Tawakal IV and here i am, writing all this in my blog. It was a long dat today, but it was a AMAZING experience too.


Hepi Belated Birthday to me..totally forgot to write bout my own birthday in my own blog, weird isnt it? NO? ok, its not weird then. =(

Maybe there was nothing to share, just the fact that im one more year older than i am before, hihi. Thank you for all whose remember my birthday, eventho im sure most of them were just looked at the facebook notifications,haha,some of them might had wish me an earlier birthday wish due to his laptop sets the date wrongly,and some of them just wrote on my facebook wall 'epi besdai',well its better late than never aite? Totally appreciate it.

And a special thanks to my dear for called me a minute before me turned 21 and wished me at 1200am sharp (15 November 1988). His friends and him were playing the guitar and sang together thru the phone and that was THE BEST NIGHT EVER. I almost cried that night, ok, ok, i did cry, so?

Birthday party? birthday cake? NO, everyone seems busy and on a tight budget this month. So, there was no celebration, but im totally gonna make one when i step in Malaysia with my hubby. He havent celebrate his too, so we'll do it together. I am really hoping there will be a CAKE coz i havent have a birthday cake for 3 YEARS! =( =( =(

Im just everything goes right and all my dreams will come true, be healthy, free from problems and yes! Learn to be a better person tho i tink im doing well as me, haha, but hey life is a learning process and learning is a life-long process too. Wish me all the best thing in the world and afterworld ya!

Finally 21, legally able to do things ive done since 15! =p (evil laughing)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


After playing futsal with my teammate last night, we headed to Kuala Lumpur Village (KLV) at Jalan Jaksa to have our late night dinner and also celebrating Zie's 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Zie. But its not Zie neiter the game im going to write today. Its about a movie we saw, Troy. Have u watch it? Me? Yes, i did, but i was aged ago and i am not really remember it anymore.

The scenes when Hector (Eric Bana) killed by Archilles (Brad Pitt), Paris (Orlando Bloom) flirted with Queen of Spartans, Helen (Diane Kruger), Archilles cuddled and romanced with Brecies were all that i can remember. Not satisfied with my own memory, i decided to download Troy and watch it again.

Eventhough there are some technical problems occour and there are some parts of the movie cannot been watched, but it was really worth it to see Brad Pitt as Archilles. not really about Brad Pitt actually, but the whole story was full of message and im glad i did not live during the war. I adore both Hector and Archilles in this movie, they are great warriors, and they deserve to be history. Well, i guess everyone at least had heard their names once, aite? And we also learned about Tendon of Archilles in our anatomy class. It been said that it was his weakness and he died cause of it. Watch Troy if you didnt believe me.

Here are some qoutes from the movie :

"i see 50,000 man fight for 1 men's greed -Archilles"

"the young man dying (refering to the soldiers) , the old man talking (refering to the Kings)"

"Archilles is one men"

"Hector is one men, look at what he's done to us"

"Hector, no father had a better son"

"I thought you are dumb bird (refering to the Archilles)"

"Are the rumours bout you true? They said your mother is Immortal Goddes, they said you cant be killed?

Wont be bother with the shield then, wont i? -Archilles"

"Honour you God, love your women and defend your country -Hector"

"Do you love her? -King of Troy

"You are a great King because you love your country soo much, every plate of gross, every grain of sand, every rock in the river, you love all of Troy, thats the way i love Helen -Paris"

3hours 15minutes and 38seconds was a blink when watching this..experience it yourself!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Morning Jakarta...its weird tho for me to wake up this early on holiday, huhu, TERwoke up actually. Maklum la da terbiasa everyday bangun kul 615 am for forensic, today eventho there is no class anymore, still my biological clock da xboleh nak adjust..huh, bari ingat nak menikmati saat2 tido yang indah..haha

Bangun2 je..terus terkam my 'vespa' lappy nih, buka Yahoo! and there is one article catch my eyes. Fells like sharing with the world bout her here it is

6-Year-Old Girl with Brain Cancer Hid Love Notes for Her Parents to Find After Her Death

When 6-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with brain cancer, she began hiding hundreds of little love notes around the house for her parents to find after she was gone. Here’s the story:

Just before her sixth birthday, Elena Desserich (right) was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 135 days to live. She lived 255 days, passing away in 2007. After her death, Elena’s parents, Brooke and Keith, found hundreds of notes from Elena hidden around the house — in between CD cases, between bookshelves, in dresser drawers, in backpacks….

"It just felt like a little hug from her, like she was telling us she was looking over us"

Elena left hundreds of notes like these:

See more of Elena’s notes

Elena’s parents, Brooke and Keith Desserich, have now published these notes in a book called Notes Left Behind to fund a non-profit organization The Cure Starts Now dedicated to fighting pediatric brain cancer.

Ah, this broke my heart, but the story is too touching not to share. Excuse me while I, erhm, dry my eyes. Got dust in ‘em or something.

When think bout it, its sooo not fair for a 6-years old girl to suffer and leaves their loved one because of brain cancer. She's too young, but thats never fair aite? So, dont forget to show and spread love around you as we are blessed by Allah to still have this life.

Her story really inspired me and proved that eventho u are not there, u still can tell ur family or friends that u love them. Time to make some love notes. Have a great morning everyone!!

RIP Elena Desserich.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Its finally over! After been facing a dead body (literally) on books and slides, learning bout thanatology, traumatology, ect ect..things that usually u saw on i had sat the final exam for forensic. Its fun actually to learn bout those things and at last u do understand what the hell are those C.S.I agents done and all of us x CSI yang bal bla bla..same goes with House..dulu2 tengok je kn, telan je bulat2, but now bile da ada a lil knowledge bout it..u start thinking and try to figure out the DD (differential diagnosis) too..isnt that great?

Top of all, moment yang paling best and semua cant wait adalah time doc bagi kisi2..hahaha..hah? xpaham ape kisi2? bukan kishkish tau..kisi2 tuh cam hint la pe yang akan masuk exam. And my lect/doc was like opened the Q's paper and read it kn? but not all lahh..he just read some of it and twisted it a lil we do still need to study. Just baca2 pe yang doc cakap tuh so xdela rasa nak mati as before nih.

Hurmmm..hope i'll pass with flying colours lah..eventho da ada kisi2..masuk je exam tadi, cam blur ad, confuse, macam2 lah..dala rasa cam nk tercabut tangan tulis essay..they just gave us 1 hour to complete 65 MC Qs and 5 essays. Dala panjang berjela2 haa..hope betul la pe yang aku jawab tadi..if x..sia2 menulis cam F1 tadi.

Da abes exam nih means there is no class till Monday. Syokkk tapi bosan la..dont know what to classmate sorang tuh balik Malaysia..waaaa...nak ikuttttt..xde duit..huhu :(

I guess tido makan tenetan jela kejenye..hope xmati kebosanan sorang2 dalam bilik..hihi..owhh yaa..bru je abes watching Gol & gincu siries season 1 and 2 (dulu tengok kt tv ad yang miss)..i love Shasha and tengah layan Cinta Gila..aida cakap best...sooo tengok laaaa best ke x...

p/s: lpe..balaja forensic nih rasa macam student law pon ada ckit2..kne blaja hukum and undang2..huh..

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