Thursday, November 19, 2009


i was just wasting my time by clicking tru some webpage and then i found a article bout Celebrity's Mansion (its Christina Aguilera) *she's a Hollywood star sure she afford to have such a designed mansion* then there was a part she's showing off her shoes closet *it would be a size of two master bedroom at regular house* and im fall for it.

Its every girl's dream! *i dun know bout others, but me, YESSS* There's also link to another article 'Stars Show Off Their Shoes' and in flash i clicked on it and BANGGG *nose-bleed*

***according to Japanese's anime, nose bleed happens when someone get excited (totally uncontrol excited) for example when a boy saw a girl in a bikini (dun blame me for using such example, blame the comic's artist) haha its actually my own-making-up definition

Then i googled others Hollywood star which is famous for their passion in collecting shoes like me tho i only have less than 20 pairs of..errr less than 15 pairs of shoes, or is it less than 10? lalalala*ignoring myself*

Owh ya..i searched Mariah Carey, she have about 1000 pairs of shoes and she havent wear most of it *what a massive collection* Look at it by urself

Baby Phat designer, Kimora Lee Simmons who said 'Shoes are fabulous even they're not always comfortable. You just have to suffer for beauty, honey' Well, beauty is pain aite?

And here also the 'Genie In A Bottle' star, American Idol's judge (used to be) Paula Abdul and petite actress Eva Longoria LAND OF SHOES

im 100% agreed!!!



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