Tuesday, December 15, 2009

wE aRe tHe cHamPiOn!!

And that is the reason why this victory is great, because different players have made contributions to the win-Sachin Tendulkar

(got it from aida's fb)

A failure makes a move to step forward,
It begins a life with ambitious victory,
A success brings endless happiness,
A failure brings memorized sadness.

Failure after success is unmemorable,
But success after failure is memorable,
Life is a mixture of success and failure,
It comes and moves like clouds in the sky.

A life with good effort fades the failure,
Failure falls like a dried leaves of a tree,
A metal of gold results after one melts it,
Likewise, one achieves success by their effort.

A brave aim closes the doors of failure,
As it opens the golden doors of success,
Failure is step to light a candle in darkness,
To result as the light of evermore success.

Dr. M.Swaroopa Rani M.A., PhD

psss: she's a doctor too

there's too much i wanna say actually but now im speechless..having the good-bad time together and still stick like a one big family is something that really hard to do. After all the hard work and practices, planning and strategies, teamwork spirit and get each other back we finally redeem ourselves and won the FUTSAL TOURNAMENT as last year we only managed to get 1st runner up.

and here's all the moment captured!!!

ape yang penting? KERJASAMA!!

maap la..mood malas da datang, makanye pics pon xikut susunan ngan caption, if nanti rajin, update len okay??

**thanks to chombee for being our hairstylist for the day!!

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