Tuesday, November 17, 2009


anybody interested to join the AMAZING RACE?
just pick up u phone and dial 244 kamu kene lipat

no offense k? ive just felt like i was in Amazing Race try out with Aida today. It such an adventure. After class today, we decided to go to ITC Mangga Dua i hope i spell it right, i just really confuse either it ITC or ICT, well wuteva! and guess what? ok, im not going to spoil it yet. Then, we took a cab, a TransCab to be exact, the one which u can watch tv in it, and we only have approximately 40,000 rupiah in our pockets. Sounds like a lot of money rite? Believe me its not that much when the currency is RUPIAH! Neither of us ever went to ITC Mangga Dua, so we just berbijak2 and then we realized the meter had passed the 34,000 minus 6000 for the toll and we havent there yet, we were in the middle of the highway! All we can do was just praying that there will be an ATM machine or a BankNiaga bank nearly the place that we heading to. Lucky for us the mall is exactly located beside the BankNiaga. Fuhhh..what a relieved! That was the first time ever im in cab without enough money and hopefully it will be the last. I might not be lucky as today the next time.

After we got what we want thats also a very sad story and as a friend i wont write it here as the sign of respect and eating, ape lagi, balik la kn? This time we took the local bus if u were in perak the bus just like the red&yellow busses owhh i totally hate them! in order to BERHEMAT or JIMAT. What can worst than lost in the middle of Jakarta? Yess, u hear me, we almost LOST! The bus used the unsual route which we dont know and we just stopped at nowhere and tried to find our way back home. Alhamdulillah, we finally found TA and from it we took bajaj to our beloved home at Tawakal IV and here i am, writing all this in my blog. It was a long dat today, but it was a AMAZING experience too.



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