Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Its finally over! After been facing a dead body (literally) on books and slides, learning bout thanatology, traumatology, ect ect..things that usually u saw on i had sat the final exam for forensic. Its fun actually to learn bout those things and at last u do understand what the hell are those C.S.I agents done and all of us x CSI yang bal bla bla..same goes with House..dulu2 tengok je kn, telan je bulat2, but now bile da ada a lil knowledge bout it..u start thinking and try to figure out the DD (differential diagnosis) too..isnt that great?

Top of all, moment yang paling best and semua cant wait adalah time doc bagi kisi2..hahaha..hah? xpaham ape kisi2? bukan kishkish tau..kisi2 tuh cam hint la pe yang akan masuk exam. And my lect/doc was like opened the Q's paper and read it kn? but not all lahh..he just read some of it and twisted it a lil we do still need to study. Just baca2 pe yang doc cakap tuh so xdela rasa nak mati as before nih.

Hurmmm..hope i'll pass with flying colours lah..eventho da ada kisi2..masuk je exam tadi, cam blur ad, confuse, macam2 lah..dala rasa cam nk tercabut tangan tulis essay..they just gave us 1 hour to complete 65 MC Qs and 5 essays. Dala panjang berjela2 haa..hope betul la pe yang aku jawab tadi..if x..sia2 menulis cam F1 tadi.

Da abes exam nih means there is no class till Monday. Syokkk tapi bosan la..dont know what to classmate sorang tuh balik Malaysia..waaaa...nak ikuttttt..xde duit..huhu :(

I guess tido makan tenetan jela kejenye..hope xmati kebosanan sorang2 dalam bilik..hihi..owhh yaa..bru je abes watching Gol & gincu siries season 1 and 2 (dulu tengok kt tv ad yang miss)..i love Shasha and tengah layan Cinta Gila..aida cakap best...sooo tengok laaaa best ke x...

p/s: lpe..balaja forensic nih rasa macam student law pon ada ckit2..kne blaja hukum and undang2..huh..



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