Saturday, November 7, 2009


After playing futsal with my teammate last night, we headed to Kuala Lumpur Village (KLV) at Jalan Jaksa to have our late night dinner and also celebrating Zie's 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Zie. But its not Zie neiter the game im going to write today. Its about a movie we saw, Troy. Have u watch it? Me? Yes, i did, but i was aged ago and i am not really remember it anymore.

The scenes when Hector (Eric Bana) killed by Archilles (Brad Pitt), Paris (Orlando Bloom) flirted with Queen of Spartans, Helen (Diane Kruger), Archilles cuddled and romanced with Brecies were all that i can remember. Not satisfied with my own memory, i decided to download Troy and watch it again.

Eventhough there are some technical problems occour and there are some parts of the movie cannot been watched, but it was really worth it to see Brad Pitt as Archilles. not really about Brad Pitt actually, but the whole story was full of message and im glad i did not live during the war. I adore both Hector and Archilles in this movie, they are great warriors, and they deserve to be history. Well, i guess everyone at least had heard their names once, aite? And we also learned about Tendon of Archilles in our anatomy class. It been said that it was his weakness and he died cause of it. Watch Troy if you didnt believe me.

Here are some qoutes from the movie :

"i see 50,000 man fight for 1 men's greed -Archilles"

"the young man dying (refering to the soldiers) , the old man talking (refering to the Kings)"

"Archilles is one men"

"Hector is one men, look at what he's done to us"

"Hector, no father had a better son"

"I thought you are dumb bird (refering to the Archilles)"

"Are the rumours bout you true? They said your mother is Immortal Goddes, they said you cant be killed?

Wont be bother with the shield then, wont i? -Archilles"

"Honour you God, love your women and defend your country -Hector"

"Do you love her? -King of Troy

"You are a great King because you love your country soo much, every plate of gross, every grain of sand, every rock in the river, you love all of Troy, thats the way i love Helen -Paris"

3hours 15minutes and 38seconds was a blink when watching this..experience it yourself!!



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