Saturday, November 13, 2010

early birthday present!

As u all know, today i need to seat (again) for psychiatry paper. Well, maybe its unsuitable to use word 'paper' because its actually an oral test. You need to interview (anamnesis) the patient so that you can diagnose his/her disease.

Alhamdulillah, it paid off.

Eventho, im kinda unsatisfied (uhhh, bajet lulus) with the first result but i did see it coming as i had an argument with the instructor/doctor. It nothing big, i just clarified things. She said i havent mention few thing in my interview but the fact was i did, so the reaction was kinda spontaneous i guess. Try to defend and stand on what had i done. Its okay with me if i really did mistake or anything, i can accept that criticism, BUT dont tell me something that i just didnt!

Okay, that was in the past. Just gonna learn from it. Never ever (even its ur reflexes, try to control yourself) argue with the person who gonna determine your result. Because it gonna went bad. For those who going to face Psychiatry next, just swallow whatever the doctor said to you, you sure dont wanna end up like me.

Maybe, my interview wasnt that good either, im not saying that IM SUPER GOOD, but those little thing really gonna bring a huge impact.

It was a relieved when Dr Rudy said i passed this time. It feels good. Really good.

Owh, did u remember this?

there is a time in ur life that u feel hopeless, nothing seems right and worthless eventho u had put ur best for it--> cry it out loud and then u just need to bounce back, and bounce high

I did it! Dr Agnes said i got the highest mark!

But, i didnt know the exact number.

supikgf: learn from mistake!



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