Sunday, March 28, 2010

special message

I wonder how my fellow Trisucktians enjoyed their study mood session today.

Are they stressed out?

Or having good times discussed with friends?

Went to library perhaps? perghh, gila ah

Some might be study real hard today..


Giving chance for the book the learn about itself, alah, bukan selalu kan? kan? u better said so


i got one for each of you, sila jangan berebut!

And this, just for me. Sorry, other than my b, this is another homosapien that absolutely not in the share list!

Ouch, *fainted*

And as im not crazy enuf to make it into schizophrenia team, just found out that tak-payah-study-tapi-dapat-A thought just a thought, not a waham/delusion as i know it wasnt true, but i cant kick it out of my pack-with-skizo-neurotransmitter-bipolar-and-all-the-madness-stuff-brain.


supikgf: cant take my eyes of Takuya, eh, eh, Ikhwan Najmie!



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