Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From modelling to dancing

Obviously am not talking bout myself neither someone else.

Its the tv show that im addicted to.

America's next top model and So u tink u can dance?

Being a kipas-susah-mati of ANTM, i've watched all the cycles (cycle 1 till the most latest one, cycle 14). I remember all the winners from Adrianne Curry, Yoanna, Eva, Naima, Nicole, Danielle, Caridee, Saleisha, Jaslene, Whitney (the first plus size model to win ANTM), McKey, Teyona and cycle 13 which is also petite model cycle winner, Nicole.

But, for my fave, i have to say, Naima.

As there is still early to predict who gonna win or at least make it into my fave list this cycle, and it was such a torture to wait every single week to watch them, im heading to dancing stuff.


so u tink u can dance?

am currently watching the season 6 now, my fave dancer definitely Legacy and Kathryn. But, i also love Molle. I gotta admit some routine does make me felt the goose-bump, and sometimes it touched your heart. Some were memorable, some make u smile, and even cry. Just watch it, and u know what im talking about. Adore Sonia for her great choreography. Her hair is cool too. Haha.

Owh, i also get to learn the dance vocab. I'll write soon.

supikgf: teringat pernah menari kat Gerik dulu untuk Minggu Bahasa, tarian tradisional lagi!

** kipas-susah-mati = die hard fan



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