Sunday, March 21, 2010

Siapa punya angkara ni? Cepat ngaku

Meluap-luap ni api kemarahan. Sebelum anything bad happen meh kita ber-istifar dulu banyak-banyak.


Fuhhh. Tarik nafas. Hembusssssss.

Bengang sesangat rasa sekarang ni, i just realized (when i was trying to find pictures to attach with karaoke-ing entry) that there are some of my pictures went missing. Untraceable. I even checked the recycle bin, search the folder, but result was so disappointed.

If im not mistaken, the folder was called '5 days in Malaysia', which contain lots me and my friends picture enjoying the moment. On that 5 days, we went to the Pusat Sains Negara (yes, i know this might sound like a school trip, yet we really enjoyed it), funfair at Bukit Jalil (eventho we didnt get our butt on anything, but still need to pay rm3 per person as entry fee, huhu), karaoke-ing at Alamanda, and saje-nak-abeskan-batery pictures.

Maybe some of you might think this is just a small matter, but, hey, suka hati la, i love collecting them. Huhu, luckily i had upload some of them on FB, at least im not lost all of them.

And i have few suspects who might had unpurposely/accidentally deleted the folder. Who else can be, if it is not my adik-adik ku sayang. Hurmm, pandai sungguh mereka mendiamkan diri. Tau pun takut, senyap je, let till me discover myself. I just called them asking bout that, as i expected, sapa nak ngaku kan kalu da berak tengah jalan?

Bengang tu bukannya apa, this is not the first time all my pictures disappear. Okay, maybe yang dulu, we cannot blame anyone except the jahanam perompak who steal my dear nya phone and pc. Myself plak lupa nak save kat mine, so all those sweet memory gi jejalan kat Cherating hilang.

Mengamuk jugak la mula-mula tau, bukan sebab phone and pc hilang (sungguh kejam, kesian B) tapi sebab yang most important sekali pictures tu. Things boleh beli balik, but all those kenangan terindah mana nak korek balik?

Tapi, pasrah aja la. Thats all we can do after all kan?

One thing for sure, i will not let them put their hands on my laptop anymore. Keep your hands off my laptop!! (personality kakak mithali no more)



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