Wednesday, March 24, 2010

he is wearing the bikini top..

People willing to do anything just to get the attention. Okay, maybe some of them. Even in the bad way, and their dignity are put on the line. They just dont care. They are the attention-seekers.

Friend of mine just told me bout this one guy-yet-to-be-girl, and he declared himself as a public figure on the world most famous network today, Facebook. I mean, seriously? A public figure? Have a shame of yourself.

Im not gonna tell you who he is, some might already get the clue, but still. Unbelievable is, he got more than 3000 fans on FB, i wonder what are they thinking when they clicked the 'become a fan' button. Maybe, their brains had left their owner and having fun at Pluto.

Nauzubillah. Thats all i can say. Browsing through his album was a torture to my eyes! And the video, you ruin it dude. It was a disaster. Arghh, need to erase those memory, i really cant stand the on bed scene. Enuf said.

supikgf: i love Lady Gaga, but lady ga-go? opsssss



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