Wednesday, April 14, 2010

people my age

Most of them have already hitting the office, teaching in classes, visiting project's site, calculating in bank-----> they are working!

Or maybe on their internship. Whateva.

Some of them, wake up early in morning, making breakfast for two or maybe three, doing household-----> they are enjoying their marriage life with beloved husband/wife. Plus their kids. Comelnya!


Hurmm, still doing the same old boring routine-----> classes! been doing this since i was 6 years old till now, it has been 16 years old of studying. Facing the 1000++ pages of books (tak baca pon, tengok je), sungguh memenatkan otak saya.

Well, what can i do, this is the path that i choose eventho becoming a doctor was never across my mind. Not even once. It just happened.

And being a doctor means u'll learning for lifetime. There is no exception for that.

Huarghhh, sometimes feels like switching place with other person. I didnt say that i regret what i've choose, no. Never. Every little steps that i made were the things that put me in my place now. Im thankful for that. It just that, if i can escape for one day, err, 2 days lah, living like Paris Hilton where all u need to fill ur day is shopping, shopping and shopping. I'd love that. Okay, i might wanna request some extra time, can u gimme a year? Haha. In my dreams.

As people my age already put away the word 'student' in their life, me still struggle on my 3rd year of medicine. Teori pon tak abes lagi nih, ini kan pula berangan nak kahwin. Insya-Allah, i'll graduate next year (as a doktor pelatih, later need to do some clinical practice for 1-2 years or is it 3?)

Sila berdoa for me, tak nak my lil sister kawen dulu before me. Hahaha.

supikgf: bila nak kawen, i means abes blaja ni?


the kecik said...

adakah org yg bgn pagi buat bfast tu aku? wehhh.. bukan aku tu. hahaha..

we're having the same feeling babe. gua bosan. it's routine. even it's shopping, it's boring juga.

every single day, for almost 5 years.. fuhhh.. a need a break from that. hahaha.. from shopping, i mean.

supikgf said...

hahaha, perumpamaan lah...huahua..bosan jugak shoping? meh tuka ngan aku sat, bg aku plak smp bosan..haha


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