Thursday, April 22, 2010

its been a while, is it?


Its been a while, and now, thanks to Miss Zahid, im addicted again to korean dramas and movies. Sigh.

I know, its nothing to be 'sigh' about, but, the only thing that bother me is that, when i started watching them, i just cant stop. Can you? It was so seductive and addictive, make u want it more and more everytime. Yup, u just cant resist. Eventho, i've already finished watching all the episodes, i didnt mind watch it all over again from the start.

I told u, its very seducing. Its seducing enuf to let me 'ponteng' my class for it. Actually, i was thinking to qada' my sleep, as i sacrificed them over the movie, but it end up, im watching it again! I just cant help it.

U'll know when u watch it. Minami Shineyo / You're beautiful starring Jang Keun Suk. Enuf said.

Lets cuci mata, meh, meh, i know u gonna drool.

Which haircut do u prefer on him?

a. short hair
b. long hair

Me? I totally has something with short hair guy, but Geun Suk totally rocks both looks. Dont u think so?

Ahh, my fave pics of him are the first and second. Melting.

Eh, one more thing. He's coming to Singapore this weekend. Arggghhhh. Wanna go there!

supikgf: how can i missed him on Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do 's movie back then?



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