Sunday, April 25, 2010

High Heels Made by Men for Men

No. There isnt any typo there.

So please stop making those yeke-tipulah-gimme-the-prove face!

I just google-ed it!

credits to Anis for introduced the web

It was somehow designed for a male soldiers long long time ago. Thats what she said here , sila jangan malas, sila pergi baca sendiri. Usaha tangga kejayaan.

I wasnt sure how the high heels would be look like, there wasnt any picture displayed there either.

But, im pretty sure, no, 100% sure that it would not look like this or even near this

Are kidding me? Soldiers? Tak sempat nak tembak enemy da ter-peleot dulu kaki.

supikgf: beauty is pain =)



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