Thursday, April 15, 2010

the journey

2007 , KUTPM (now known as MSU)

got some highlights and layered at Thomas & Guys (??) , SACC Shah Alam

den chopped it boy-ish style (zahid's request) at Mid Valley,
way back home,
kantoi getting short hair with my dear at MMZ

2008, Jakarta
tried smoothing (tak smooth pon!) at Loreal, TA

bored with it, den put some colours on it,
lets get blonde'

see the different?

2009, Jakarta

ntah ke berapa kali ke Loreal, TA,
menghabiskan duit scholar for the Mahkota Wanita!

2010, Now

notice how long the hair now?
sayang pulak nak chop-chop kan?


supikgf: sayanggggggnye nak potong!



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