Friday, April 9, 2010

dont ask me

coz i dont know!

What? u think i ni mami jarum? CNN? paparazzi? stalker? yang tau everything bout people surrounding me?

Okay, he used to be ex-schoolmate 1o years ago, yes i admit it, and he might be staying 5minutes away (using a car) from my house, but that did not, i repeat, did not guarantee that i know every inch of his skin! Dalam setahun pon berapa hari sangat la ada kat umah, me tak ada masa tau nak jaga tepi kain orang, plus people that i havent keep in touch for almost a decade.


dont u get it? u started to irritate me, im annoyed with your konon-nak-berbasa-basi with me padahal the only thing you want to ask me was all about Steve eh him. Stop bermuka-muka.

Im pity you. I know less bout you, maybe it just your name and thats all, but i really 'know' you. Why suffer yourself? He's over you, well i guess, he never into you.

Stop dreaming and wake up!


The alarm clock is ringing, come back to reality now.

Honestly, i dont know whats going on between both of you, and i dont wanna know. Like i care.

Just please stop bugging me about him. I told you, i dont know!

I consider you as my friend tho i just know u so-so, its okay for me to be your friend as long as you are not using me to get internal information bout him, coz, i tell you now, its useless. If you wanna be my friend, then act like one.

And, as a friend, im telling you this, that he's not worth what you are doing now.

Move on, get you own life without him. You still young, there are lots to face in future. And he, so not deserve to be in your future. Percayalah, kalau tak, Taylor Swift tak cipta lak lagu Fifteen tuh!

Okay, end of today drama.

Just stop bugging me.

supikgf: i tell you the truth when i said 'i dont know'



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