Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hepi Belated Birthday to me..totally forgot to write bout my own birthday in my own blog, weird isnt it? NO? ok, its not weird then. =(

Maybe there was nothing to share, just the fact that im one more year older than i am before, hihi. Thank you for all whose remember my birthday, eventho im sure most of them were just looked at the facebook notifications,haha,some of them might had wish me an earlier birthday wish due to his laptop sets the date wrongly,and some of them just wrote on my facebook wall 'epi besdai',well its better late than never aite? Totally appreciate it.

And a special thanks to my dear for called me a minute before me turned 21 and wished me at 1200am sharp (15 November 1988). His friends and him were playing the guitar and sang together thru the phone and that was THE BEST NIGHT EVER. I almost cried that night, ok, ok, i did cry, so?

Birthday party? birthday cake? NO, everyone seems busy and on a tight budget this month. So, there was no celebration, but im totally gonna make one when i step in Malaysia with my hubby. He havent celebrate his too, so we'll do it together. I am really hoping there will be a CAKE coz i havent have a birthday cake for 3 YEARS! =( =( =(

Im just everything goes right and all my dreams will come true, be healthy, free from problems and yes! Learn to be a better person tho i tink im doing well as me, haha, but hey life is a learning process and learning is a life-long process too. Wish me all the best thing in the world and afterworld ya!

Finally 21, legally able to do things ive done since 15! =p (evil laughing)



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