Saturday, June 26, 2010

heaven for shoes-a-holic

Its been a tiring week for me as the insomnia hits me again! Arggh, i hate it when my circadian cycle messed up.

I was, am and will suffer!

Just imagine, my eyes will only closed at around 6am everyday while i have class at 8am, its either, im not going to class or i just not getting sleep at all. Back from class, been busy managing my shoes business lately. Replying comments, messages, approving new friends. And its already 6 or 7 pm.

Right now, im officially not getting any proper sleep for more than 72hours. Did u know that people can end up dying if not getting sleep at all for ... urmm .... i forgot! damm, never mind, as long as u know, its can be fatal!

I was being weng a lil bit, but luckily people didnt notice it yet. Haha. That just because i noticed it first and manage to cover it up. Thumbs up!

Okay, if im continue writing this, i might be not getting sleep again!

Just wanna let u guys know, i added some shoes collection for sell at my business purpose Fb, Hannah Lee. Hope u can support me. Spread the love.

Will update more bout my shoes collection later, after im done with my English assignment tomorrow. Pray for me.

Its been decade since i last spoken English. Here, it all about "memartabatkan Bahasa Indonesia".

supikgf: im not prepare anything yet for my presentation tomorrow.sigh.



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