Saturday, June 19, 2010

A day to celebrate ...

i just wanna wish a very


to my Abah
for being a great father to me for 22years (opss)

His name is Lakmin Hakim. Yes, i spell it right. There is no typo there. People always asked me, why Lakmin Hakim instead of well-known Lukman Hakim? And sometimes people tend to remember his name most than my name. Its kinda unique i guess. Well, i dont know the true story either, but my grandama (Mek) told me that my late grandpa (Tok ayah) was going to name him as Lukman Hakim, but the police officer (at that time, newborn registration was done at police office) on duty that day was having spelling difficulty and he end up registered my Abah's name as LAKMIN HAKIM.

During my childhood age, i was my abah's lil girl. Maybe there were only me and my elder sister at that time, being the youngest, i was spoiled. Plus, my gap between my younger sister is 5 years. You can imagine how spoiled i am during the period. I was very close to Abah, during my primary school years, most of the time he was the one who woke me up, showered me, dressed me up, combed my hair, put a powder on my face.

That was then, now, thought we've not that close anymore since i left home for boarding school since 13 till now (its been almost 10 years) i know im still his little girl.

Thank you for giving me this opportunities to live well and become a better person each day. You always let me do things the way i want to, never push me on how i should live my life, and trust me to make every decision in my life by myself, u definitely teach me how to be independent. You let me done mistakes, so that i can learn from it.

The most thing i adore is, u always, always put us (your children) as your first priority in every way. When it comes to us, u'll sacrifice everything so that we'll get the best without even think about yourself.

And sometimes, we'll miss to see that too. But, u never put a blame on us.

I hope someday i can repay what u have done to us. Happy father's day.

Thank for being my abah.

supikgf: tried her best not to cry while typing this



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