Saturday, February 6, 2010


woke up at 6.30 am today, planned to buy nasi uduk before going to Tanabang ( a famous one-stop-center mall at Jakarta to buy things such as kebaya, bags, shoes, clothes, ect). but, too bad for me and Aida coz the stall closed.

went back to home and had a half hour sleep as we will going to Tanabang at 8.00 am. be ready to spend all ur money here coz u just might cant resist urself from buying things as i did. haha. we spend almost 2 hours at 1 shop there was like 3/4 shops that we need to go. the tawar menawar and pilih memilih part was the reason why it took that long.

went there with an empty stomach was a TORTURE as aiman said, plus we need to walk around, up and down stairs, for almost 8 hours. just imagine how time fly so quickly when u enter Tanabang.

dis time, im not buying stuff to sell anymore, i tink im gonna rest for awhile, and give my fellow friends to fill the space. i noticed all of them start making money too selling those things at Tanabang to Malaysians. i already pass the journey, n i wish them luck. but, i'll be back to my business soon.

and all the money totally for myself to enjoy today.

tho i always came to Tanabang for business purposes, i never bought anything for myself. it was strictly business.

as a revenge today, i bought some shirts, kain baju kurung, bag, and some bangles. n it all for me. haha, im just so happy =)

gorjes aite?

baju-kurung-to class in future

this was requested by my mummy in law (cewahh) , they are actually green

this also for her, she will wearing these 2 to 2 different wedding ceremony

my fave item for the day

a birthday present for my sis (she actually ask me to buy this)

this is just 5% of what normally i would buy at Tanabang =p

lovin them. im tired. done.



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