Monday, February 1, 2010


After a long fasting on shopping online, yesterday i made a short visit as am bored to death, being studying is not my thing.

am realized that most blog/shop owners set a new trend for this new season, yup its 2010 we talking about. n it was a military-inspired look.

ah, not to be left behind is Lady Gaga oversized shoulder pad, as the inspiration of the new collection.
here are some example of them i took from the blog reviewer, Shopping Roll. All credits goes to them.

i gotta say that this look is totally awesome. gotta have one in my closet. haha, kidding, maybe 2 not 1. As boys like girls said, 2 is better than 1. hell yeah, its true!

but, im not sure that there will be still available as i get in Malaysia or are they still 'in' at that time. well, sad to say but its kinda true, im always purchase things late and i missed the train.


oh, pray that im pass my exam today with flying colour.

gotta go, it just one hour break.



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