Tuesday, February 2, 2010


tho i like the previous layout, but i love this one. so, i just change it, again, 2 times in a week. lets hope that this one will last for a longer period.

am kinda having those unwanted nightmare lately, dont know whats wrong with myself, but those scary dreams keep haunting me, every evening!

and i come into some interesting conclusions, why is this happening to me:

1. forgot to wash my feet. al-maklumlah, the whole way to/from FK dinodai oleh tahi2 anjing dan kucing. tapi, sila jangan salah paham, saya tidak berkaki ayam!

2. nih kes xbaca doa tido or bismillah la nih. gelojoh nak tido.

3. this one most probably dosa paling besar nih, tido sampai burn solat asar. bangun2 da maghrib. ha, Allah nak bagi kesedaran la tuh. Alhamdulillah, Allah masih lagi bagi petunjuk kat aku. this definitely a MUST thing to avoid next time.


im trying to kick out those syaitan.

4. maybe it just a dream. so, lets not over think bout it, and move on.

owh ya,

do you like this new face?

oh, no, no, im not asking u (i realized that no one read my blog except myself)

so im doing a self-talking / taking to my blog, the invisible urmm person? no, maybe thing sounds logical.



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