Friday, February 5, 2010


im a huge fan of sexy-loose-curly hair since i first did it at L'oreal about a year ago for my best friend's bufday, Ain Sakan. n im fell in love with it. obviously at that time the experts did it, so doing it on my own never cross my mind.

but then, the financial being not really supportive to my waste-of-energy-and-money-just-for-fun-activity,n i stop going there.

but i really wanna have this sexy hair, so i decided to just try do it.

so, i look up some hair tutorials at U-tube (they have been so useful to me), and this is the most simple and easiest way . tho, she bad at explaining it, but just give her some credits.

her and mine inspiration ( for this hairdo)

and TA-DAAAA...

wut do u tink? im quite good aite for first timer? haha

if u click the link above, she was using so many hair products and so wuteva which i dont have. im just using a hair curler, a comb to tease the hair, and a baby johnson oil to replace the heat protector. damm, i need to buy that, i dun want to damage my hair.

oh, if u notice (surely u did notice) im wearing some make up. haha, pliz ignore them coz im just having fun. im actually practicing this for the coming V-day which also my 3rd Anniversary.

im just so happy and excited, cant wait.

here are the items i used in order to make this look.

*my eye shadows are currently with my best friend, Zahidah Amni, so they are not in picture =p

be careful when using the hot curling iron, u might burn ur fingers like me. till next time. bye.



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