Sunday, January 31, 2010


im totally not in mood for studying right now, im conscious enuf that tomorrow morning at 10am im having mid module examination, there is not much time left to studying so what the hell is im doing now!!

writing a post?

no, i rather think it as a short break from studying (which is almost 7hours of time break) . Yup, 7 hours of rest is nothing compare to my everyday life that based on resting all day long till i tired of resting, so naturally when people get tired, they need a rest, so do i, so im just resting.

havin nothing else to do (except study, that obviously the last thing i wanna do) im thinking of changing my blog's face. It used to be one boring face, almost like you face when getting into Dr. Sigit class, u know what i mean. We all bored coz he's just boring. im sorry Dr. Sigit, had to used u as the comparison here, dont take it to ur heart. im just making an example (crossed my finger).

so, after some observations and hard time to choose, i came out with this layout, its totally the best face describe me. an x-ray high heels. yeay, dis is soo me, well at least i think it is.

eventho, i hate being in Dr. Sigit class ( he was teaching us about radiology, if u still dont get it, he teached us about the damm x-ray thing) , but i must say this x-ray really get me, its channel me as a medical student and the heel definitely the best part of all. fashion is my passion. well, when u combine both of them, the result is me.

done talking, gotta study, bye.



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