Wednesday, September 2, 2009


miley with her short shorts

kate moss in Fornarina denim shorts

gisele bundchen in True Religion short shorts

have you seen that?
do u want it?
in cheaper way?

den lets make it ourselves, cut and style it our own way..

  1. go to a bundle shop, find a jeans that fits u well. it can be any colour,design or brand, washout or ripped. i recommend you to find the low waist one as it will be more sexier..haha..kidding..
  2. den u have to pay la..xkn nk curik lak kn..alahai 5 hengget je ak beli
  3. brought the jeans that u just bought back home. no nid to wash it. we gonna make over the jeans first.
  4. wears it and now u nid to measure how short u want the shorts is. ( u may nid help from ur friend or mama to done this)
  5. pull it off den get a ruler and scissor. owh ya..a pencil too.
  6. make a straight line on it based on your measurement just now using a ruler and a pencil.
  7. den just cut it.
  8. its done. but if you want to make a ripped effect on it. u just nid to brush it. or you can roll it up. just make it your way people!!
  9. den u can wash it. =p
selamat mencuba..

so sorry cant attach the pictures, forgot to take it during the process, but will be upload already-finished-homemade-denim-shorts of mine tomorrow (saya sedang melakukan step ke 9 sekarang ni, maka xdapat la ambik gambar)

as promised..dis is mine
front view

back view

brush it

can u see dat??

or u just can fold loving dis

*all credits goes to my hubby



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