Wednesday, September 2, 2009


having our 2nd anniversary celebration at Fullhouse, Ara Damansara. as time passing, we now heading to our 3rd years of happiness-enjoyable-memorable-endless love-up-and-down time together. having a person who really understands u out-and-inside, giving inspiring words when im need them most, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry, a person to lean, im guess im blessed.

he's my soulmate,bestfriend,boyfriend n most importantly he is me. i can see myself inside him eventhough we don't always have same taste n fave in certain things, we do not have to be exactly the same to be a soulmate (its my point of view, u dont hav to agree with me all time), coz the differences that we have complete us. we are not a same person or a mirror of each others, but
we completed each others.

bla..bla..blaa...finished the jiwang-karat-meleleh part, move on to what happen on that day. arrived there at 10pm thank god its still open but the kitchen was already closed.

fullhouse: sape suh ko sesat?
me: sape suh kedai ko tersorok ngt?
fullhouse: sape suh xcall dlu?
me: ak da call sape suh ko xckp awl2 da xde food?

so they only had drinks and cookies. im soooo upset, as ive been planning this for months.

silent mode. im not talked neither to my b nor the waitress (rebel la knn, da merajuk punya psl)

but, deep inside my heart, i felt guitly too. he was trying his best to cheer me up, asked me what i want, telling jokes, making silly face ect ect

kronologi ketika merajuk

finally, as u can see he made me smile =) n i thought dat it was not worth it to be like that n i better enjoy the moment n forget bout it. its nobody fault but im just angry with myself, if only im not lost, if only im get ready early, if only ive called before went there.

moral: u only can plan, but what going to happen is not in our control but God

lastly, i labiuu so oo stronggg laaaa..mohd ikhwan najmie

need to hurry, there was an earthquake just happened as im writting dis post,we all can felt it, nauzubillah

Fullhouse not only provided good food n nice concept store to hang out,but all the accessories and things in the shop is for sell. if u interested, u can buy it. here are few examples:

and here's the map..



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