Wednesday, September 2, 2009


been MIA for couple of week, have lots of things to wrote down but limited time and internet connectivity made me 'arghh..t da smp tawakal la ak blogging'. now, im here..huhu..after spending almost 2weeks in malaysia wif family, friends and him. suddently, a flashback of me,tqah n aida at lcct before we flying off to jakarta appear in my mind. everybody was telling what they done n who's they met during the holiday. when tqah asked me how's mine..'sah2 la xckp weh, cuti 2 mggu je, klu bg cuti sebulan pon xckp ak rs' dats my answer. its TRUE!! call me greedy or unthankful (at least i can celebrate ramadhan wif my love one compare to my friends who cant go back) but i really want to extend my holiday!!

now that i know in dis 2 weeks gap there's only classes n no exam..really tears my heart into pieces..i've told my father last week 'abah, klu xdop exam ni,meme direct doh cuti sapa rayo,tp takut ado exm la'..suprisingly (not really act..haha) he's totally okay wif me skipping the class..haha

but, as im here now, i need to focus on my study (kne catch up 2 ari lepas xmsk class da) n do my best here n BALIK CUTI SEBULAN SEMESTER NIH!!pray for me

*the words highlight in green are totally not me



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