Friday, February 11, 2011

KKD da abes

Finally, hari ni merupakan hari last KKD. After struggling every week for almost, err, how long eh?

Wait, let me count.

Microbiology, parasite, Clinical Patology : 2 weeks
Pediatrics : 2 weeks
Neurology : 1 week
Psychiatry : 1 week
Surgical : 2 weeks
Internal : 2 weeks
General skills : 1 week
Rheumatology, Muscular : 1 week
Radiology : 2 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology : 2 weeks
Eyes : 1 week
Ear, Nose, Throat : 1 week

18 weeks!

Now, just need to focus on this big exam next week. Yup, they didnt give us much time to
review. Just finish my last exam for KKD today and now getting prepared (am i?) for OSCE.


Anyway, lets ease our mind by enjoying this beautiful babies. At least i know, i will.

credit to YMS


Anonymous said...

cantek! kasut..:D

intaq said...

wah eja...tgginyo...2nd pic is nice;))


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