Sunday, February 27, 2011

be positive

Everyone fails at some point in their life. When I was a kid in school I learned from a Chinese proverb that failure is the mother of success. I understood the saying back then but never really knew it till years later. Slowly, in the school of life, I learned that failures happened. I've failed at something sometimes and I learned that I don't die from my failures. Instead, each failure humbled me, taught me some lessons and I learned to pick myself up and move on.

Success tastes much sweeter when we know what failure tasted like. We appreciate success better when we have known failure before.

supikgf: gotta standing strong!


Najwa Sofwani said...

Eja, bgus eja..kuat sokmo gini
failure is ur driving force to success!!!!
dulu pn aku penah rasa kegagalan yg ak rs mustahil utk bangkit, time ak tau ak xleh fly..tuhan jer tahu time tuh
tp..kita ade family yg sentiasa ade utk kte, kwan yg xputus bg moral support dan allah sntiasa ada utk hamba-NYa..sume ni kekuatan utk bangkit
insyaallah once u taste sweetness of success u glad u used to failed like u said "Success tastes much sweeter when we know what failure tasted like" =)


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