Friday, July 30, 2010

lets pretend i have lots of money and free time

I love google-ing bout shoes, clothes, subscribed to fashion blog and hair and make up tutorial youtube channels. Tho, others might think it as waste of time, i find doing it as a self-satisfaction.

I also love finding interesting place to eat, i gonna be honest, i am not really care bout the food taste, as long as the ambiance is 5 stars. If i wanna have delicious and yummy food, i have my mom, or simply just buy it anywhere. But we cant always have those fancy restaurant in our dining room everyday. LOL. Besides that, i love google bout places that i wish i can go there someday =)

Despite of searched it and kept it my memory, why not i write it on here right?

So, as starting, i wanna share with u the best of the best, the 1st ranking of my TOP 10 favorite places.

Welcome to Naladhu, Maldives

I lost my words after seeing this again, the room and pool are to die for!

supikgf: dont look the price, u'll be heart broken!


*kuku patah said...

same goes here eja!!! cpt keje nak g melancong n spend money at shopping spreeeeeeeeee..haha

supikgf said...

owh, tapi xtau mampu ke x nak g sini, 10 000 usd per nite, lebih kurang 40 000 ringgit malaysia....

walaupun mmg ko je y ad kat pulau tu siap ngn assistant, private chef ect..

xmampu den, len la kawen ngn bilionnaire arab..gagaga


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