Friday, July 30, 2010

Few more steps to go..

For the past 3 years i am a crawling baby in this field, and now i am still feeling the same...

Unsure about my future, afraid to stand up and start walking, but i guess, i am a pretty good learner and i learned hard. And out of my conscious, i actually being walking all this time.

Today, weather i ready or not, i've finished my 3rd year as a medical student, and few steps more to go, a very challenging pathway till i get the tittle. Hope everything goes well.

Despite of i dont know half the answer for the last paper this morning ( i dont wanna really think about it), i just wanna rest and have fun (hoping). So that i can ignore the fact that i'll be here the whole sem break due to stupid management.

Or i might kill myself...

Of course im kidding.LOL

One month, hurm, 30 days can be decade in this situation. I'll just think of it as my little sacrifice, hopefully i'll benefits the time to prepare for the big examination next month. Cross my finger.

Its SOCA, Student Oral Case Analysis. They gonna give u a medical case, and u need to explain everything from epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiolgy, signs and symptoms, how to diagnose all the way to the treatment. It gonna be tough. To remember all the input, all the theories that i've been learned pass 3 years and they gonna judge us via this in less than 30 minutes presentation.

Hoping i'll do well, pray for me, who know u might need Dr. Norhafiza one day. *wink*

To my fellow 07 friends, break a leg!

supikgf: still cant face the fact that i cant go back =(



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