Thursday, December 2, 2010

si gay di ruangan interna

Poor Aan felt in love with Labu after literally kissed him yesterday.

Look the way she hold his hand.

Yes, Labu is one of the mannequin in our internal class, the other one is Labi. The gay mannequin couple. (tiada kena-mengena dengan cerita Labu Labi P. Ramlee)

How did i know they gay? Just look at them in the picture above.

And yes, she kissed him yesterday ( i 98% sure that it was Labu not Labi, but they do look alike, LOL) during the Basic Life Support course, where we need to do the mouth to mouth part. So, basically, everyone had kissed Labu or Labi.

But, only she felt for him.

Aha, is this a new couple in making? -----> NOT

They were just discussing how to do the oral incubation.

And presenting the next nominee of Dr. Morgan Dexter Asia.....

u dont wanna mess with her, especially about SHOES, no u did not!

Owh, did u know who Dr. Morgan is? He is a forensic analysis specialist in blood, who also a serial killer. Check him out at FOXCRIME, the most wanted channel (tetiba iklan lak kan).

Oh, no link this time, google it yourself! Hahahaha

supikgf: Aan, please do not mad at me, i was just kidding the whole entry except about the SHOES, i really mean it, like, REALLY MEAN IT.



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