Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4th day of sem break

The day before i slept at 5am and had to wake up at 9.30 as i promised with Hana to sent our english paper that morning.

With barely 4 hours of sleep, get my butt off the bed, get ready and off to Fk. On way back, i decided to trim my hair, goodbye splits ends...

There is not much different in the length tho.

Then, as soon as i get home, i just fall asleep and suddenly i feel like im sweating. Its blackout. At first i decided to just continue my sleep till Zahid sms me asking bout going to KLV.

Oh, way back at Malaysia, someone went fishing and had seasick.

Its not a bad idea compared to stuck in dark and hot room, so KLV, here we come. Pictures below is totally a NORMAL act when we are hang out together. =)

supikgf: wonder when will she starts studying...hurmm



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