Wednesday, October 7, 2009


chengi cuka ha mida..
chengi cuka ha mida..
e e..chengi cuka yo..

*ampun dan maap la nih berdasarkan pe yang aku dengar kt emoticons ym tuh

hepi 22nd besday my love, hope u like my suprise (yang ntah pape sebenarnye)..n glad u did like it =)

just ym with him but now he need to do some group assignment..huhu..i hope i can spent more time on his besday, but studies and work must come first. n he promise to come back early and we can sleep together (thru webcam lorhh..dun think dirty looo)..

owhh ya..bout the suprise..its nothing act compared to what he did to me last year..the most memorable moment in my life ever..n what i do is :

1. get 5 pieces junk A4 paper
2. draw / write 'HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY' with a blue and red marker
3. stick it on my wall
4. oh ya..dun forget to decorate ( i use love's origami)
5. ym with him

its simple..but it means something..n im planning on something big when i get home this coming holiday..hope everything will mw smooth..hehe

u fill my life with..
the glow of ur love,

the warmth of ur care,
and the joy knowing dat u'll always be there for me..

happy birthday my best half!!



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