Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEWBIE (under construction)

finally, i've my own blog =) been thinking to have one since urmm...aaaa...cant recall the time. lets skip dis boring introduction and get straight. some memories will fade away if they are not important enuf as my brain memory kinda small..haha, so i tink dis will be a perfect medium for me to write every single things happen in my life n probably bout YOU..yess YOU (maybe, if u're lucky enuf, u'll be) haha..

as i just finished my second year remedial class today n going home tomorrow..lets review wut had happend within dis year

dengue!!! yeahh..and it cost my cardiovascular modul..huh
zahidah bought a new phone..

kejohanan badminton kelab UMNO Jakarta (we won silver..yeayy!!)

motho-motho 's jersey hunting (my futsal team)

u r a big girl now aida

lya 21st birthday's celebration with her parents at Bandar Djakarta, Anchol

hepi birthday to you my bestie

07 Party comment bout da lab coat we're wearing.. its my 20th birthday celebration almost 6 months late
yeay..we finally finished our second year as medical students hard to believe aite? time to have some fun
n dis is me tonite..blogging in the middle of the nite insomnia a few more hours before im going back to malaysia =) yippeeeeeeee spot my new hair do*arghh* its not suppose to be that short!!azan subuh was berkumandang when im typing for now

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